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eyeball movement causes "blip" in other parts of body?

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    eyeball movement causes "blip" in other parts of body?

    Okay. Back again with another strange question. I was diagnosed with MS 8,9, 10?? years ago. Have periodic attacks, etc.

    I have one weird symptom that started a couple of years ago and comes and goes. Now it is here.

    When I roll/turn my eyeballs (or maybe neck?), I get a 'blip' or little twitch in another part of my body, mainly my hands and a sort of pushed back feeling in whole body. It is just bizarre and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

    It definitely happens during attacks these days, which I am having now with my legs and balance.


    I get this too

    I get this..if I move my eyes or my head I get what I describe as a shock in my hands. When I walk it is in my feet.
    My Neuro acted like this was normal. It is more of an annoyance than anything.
    DX 10/26/11


      Thanks. Normal for us, eh? I just tell my husband I'm getting the blips. It does not hurt, but is just so strange. The CNS can do some weird stuff.


        Yeah I get a version of this. Just had it last night actually. It seems to me to be like the L'Hermittes just routed differently. Mine kind of zings across my chest. Makes you feel weird. I have never told my Dr about it come to think of it. lol So many weird things that happen with MS that's for sure.