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Paying the Next Day

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    Paying the Next Day

    Do other people have a better handle on how to manage the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde aspects of MS? I had a better day yesterday until my car was towed from a NYC street despite disabled permit on the windshield (a nameless embassy did me that favor, calling the cops who had no right to move it) and I had to walk several blocks, and then take a taxi home without my car, which was traced today by the police. Today unbelievable muscle spasms that even Baclofen can't seem to calm. And I thought I was doing so much better. How to know, and how to measure? I try to walk a block w/o my cane and it seems fine, but the next day it's as if I climbed a pyramid.

    If I do almost anything, I pay the next day. Trying not to keep playing it safe, but the price when I don't just seems so steep: slow, exhausting pace, feet droop, and pain.

    Still trying to figure out how to actually DO anything. If course I do my stretches, day and night. But that is hardly exercise.

    Anyone figure this out? I'm sure someone here has!

    I wish I had the answer. Dr J and Mr H is a good description of this obnoxious disease. I get this even *without* doing anything, one minute I'm fine (as fine is as fine goes these days), and the next its like something inside has broke.

    All I can suggest is keep yourself prepared for Mr H to make his appearance, ie always have enough money on you for a cab should the legs suddenly decide to go AWOL, never leave home w/o your baclofen, ect.

    This disease truly suckith but trying to keep one step ahead of the game, while a 24/7 occupation, does help. Best of luck to you.
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      Sorry about your car being towed- not fair!!

      I have yet to figure out how to deal with ms! What may work for me one day, doesn't always work next time. I guess I just keep trying different things. Sorry, not much of an answer.