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    Although all significant vaccine side effects have to be reported, there is a large difference between reporting correlation (I got the vaccine and then got MS dx or MS relapse), and proving that the vaccine caused the MS.

    The Hep B vaccine was not routinely recommended for all children until I think the mid-1990's or later, so it is commonly recommended as a "catch-up series" to those from late teens to early/mid thirties (who did not receive is as school kids); that is right when MS diagnosis at at a peak anyway.

    For each of us it is risk-benefit equation. If we are at low risk of contracting Hep B, maybe the vaccine is not worth the risk. For those of us in health care (and other) professions where we are regularly exposed to Hep B, the vaccine can definitely be worthwhile, even life-saving. Hep B is no fun at all in itself, and can readily lead to chronic cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, or liver failure requiring transplant.

    Some MS medications can add to pre-existing liver damage, or if you have abnormal liver function, you cannot take some of the MS meds.

    So rather than saying "You should get the vaccine," or "You should not get the vaccine as it can cause/worsen MS," it's likely a better idea to discuss your particular situation with your own doctor. Then make an informed decision that's right for you.


      No doctor ever reported my issues with vaccines and MS. I reported it and they laughed at me. That is the reason why numbers are not accurate as to the reporting. How many other patients get laughed at. I complained over and over again to many doctors. Laugh, snicker, look in total disbelief at my complaints.

      Some of the vaccines are know to cause cancer that we had when we were children. Again you have to find the research. The vaccine came from infected money tissue that had cancer, it was added to the vaccine which triggers cancer.

      They know not what they do to people, or maybe they do knowing a percentage of people will become ill and disabled. Who know what the goals of vaccines are.

      History has shown Polio was on it's way out when it was introduced and said to prevent polio. There is also research to show that there was a link with diet and other factors that weaken the body to become ill with polio.

      Vaccines are also linked to alzheimer's due to the aluminum in them.

      Here are a few links if allowed to paste. One can spend hours of reading to come to there own conclusions.

      For me it is a no brainer that Vaccines Do Cause issues with health.