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    Steve Jobs

    His death got me thinking, not only about those wonderful quotes from at Stanford: (paraphrasing here) "live each day like it was your last, for one day you will surely be right", "live your own life, not somebody else's", etc., and how much that resonates to me (and probably others with M.S.), but the fact that technology is expanding exponentially while medical research seems to have stagnated. In my mind, there has not been any major developments in M.S. since MRIs for diagnosis and DMDs for treatment...and that was decades ago.

    IMHO, I wish all those brains, money and talent could be more evenly distributed. For a powerhouse like Steve Jobs to be taken down at such a young age by something as common as cancer while electronic technology has experienced unprecedented growth seems so ironic. I mean, we can't use all this great technology if we're dead!
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    But, Medical Research is growing Exponentially. Look at all the Medications in various Stages of Trials. Look at Tysabri, Gilenya and everything coming down the Pipeline for short term release. As has been said "It is a very good time to have MS" like there could be such a thing.
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      The human body is an incredibly complex, subtle system. Add disease to the system and the complexity increases. Compared to that, technology is a simple, straightforward business.

      What's surprising is the fact that we've found cures for as many diseases as we have...not the fact that we haven't found more.

      Research funding is very important, of course, but no amount of money will make us smarter than we are, and it's our limited intelligence (as a species) that holds us back most of all.

      Computers, on the other hand, have the potential to augment our intelligence in ways that may lead to new cures for disease. So maybe all that money going to technology works in the favor of MSers and cancer patients after all!

      As an aside, I'm very sad today at the passing of Steve Jobs.


        Our brains and nervous systems are so complex I personally don't ever forsee "cures" for many diseases but am thankful for the medications we have no matter how lacking they may be.

        I was shocked to recently learn that the last FDA approved medication for Alzheimer's disease was in 2003. I'd bet they have far more funds backing AD research than MS and this is the best they can do?
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          Steve is a huge loss to not only the 'puter world (IBM scoffed at apple) but he was one man army that has changed so much of how society shares and communicates.

          Not many survive very long after pancreatic cancer Dx, usually months at most, not years.

          Brains, Talent & Money....
          I have long felt a similar feeling about technology and society in general. We have so much more technology today, yet we seem to make so little use of it to the advantage of society.

          If insulin were invented in today's society, would it be FREE for anyone, anywhere in the world to make? What about Polio? Dr Salk, like Banting & Best gave their best to the world FREEly without selfishness or greed, both of which a bigger players in today's society.

          Thinking back to the 1950s era, we had hybrid power and turbine driven railroad locomotives and most of today's RRs still use the same hybrid power (diesel-electric) today. It's taken us well over half a century to apply elsewhere (cars)

          We had electronic flight control systems that could, once in the air, fly to a number of points on the globe (fuel permitting) and return doing everything (except land) within 50 feet totally w/o human intervention.

          We see the Segway from time to time in malls etc. I thought (maybe I am wrong) that what started the quest was the idea of power-chairs being able to navigate steps.

          For much of today's society it's Money first, people last.

          Gomer A sad day.


            RIP, Steve. Thanks for all the cool stuff.


              Originally posted by starry1 View Post
              RIP, Steve. Thanks for all the cool stuff.

              Ditto to what starry said!

              He was the baby boomer generation's Ben Franklin, and gone way too soon.
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                Steve Jobs - the Apple of our i'S......


                  WOW! For what ever season some of you are blind to the facts.

                  The first programmable computer was Z1 in 1936 and computers and a slow progression to the 1970s when capitalist started making for the mass market.
                  And it been a snow ball effect ever since, with each generation building on the last.

                  I you will recall communication did not progressing until the US government gave it to the private sector.
                  Most of you should remember having only one rotary dial phone per house, and then soon after the breakup of Maw-Bell we got dial tone phones and most house more then one phone.
                  And it has been snowballing ever since it went capitalistic.

                  One reason treatments donít evolve as fast is because a bad treatment can kill you, unlike a bad phone or computer.
                  Also when developing a treatment/drug they have the start from scratch and not just make a better version of the current treatment.

                  AND FYI there has been major advancements in MS treatments in the past nine years since I was Dx.
                  Rebif came out about the same time I was Dx. and now there is a monthly IV treatment, Iím not sure of the oral DMD status, and I know first hand Ampyra that came out last year has changed my life majorly.
                  Plus with the growth of the internet my knowledge of MS, and diet, stress reduction, exercise importance, to help me has grown with it. It was thanks to this site that I learned what heat does to me.

                  Although the mapping of the DNA has not helped us yet, it likely will.
                  And Iím really looking forward to Tovaxin getting to market, and Iím sure there are others treatments in R&D that I donít know about.
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                    I was very shocked, and saddened by Steve's death. I thought he had been getting better - even though I know better than that when it comes to that type of cancer. He was too young.

                    My thoughts on the technology v. medical advances is that with technology there are no animal/human studies that have to be conducted and approved. No trials, no red-tape, you blow up a microchip you just start over. You kill a kid and how do you recover from that?

                    but, I agree, with the technology, we will be able to do more than we could 50 years ago.
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                      Isn't amazing at ALL he produced, directed and oversaw WHILE he was so sick?

                      God bless him and his family.. what a legacy!!

                      I believe in miracles~!
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                        Originally posted by marybenes View Post
                        Steve Jobs - the Apple of our i'S......
                        How very true He will be sorely missed, but his messages (some of which Tawanda paraphrased) will resonate worldwide.

                        And I agree that we have come along way, both medically and with technology.
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                          Macs & Disability

                          And just one more tribute to "our" genius: Macs, including my light-as-a-feather MacBook Air but also the iPad used by a young poet friend with cerebral palsy and vision problems, are tools especially friendly to people with disabilities...

                          The technological vision Jobs set in motion has put more people together than any others, which in turn may (let's hope sooner rather than later) make possible all kinds of advances in realms we can only dream of... Somewhere, some researcher has an epiphany and pulls up images and sends them to another....


                          (Sorry to any of you PC users out there...)


                            Its a sad fact but pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of curing any disease. The drug companies only "manage symptoms" otherwise how would they make any money. We have some of the greatest scientific minds in the world but still have so many diseases that cant be cured it makes you wonder.


                              Originally posted by stressedoutgirl View Post
                              Its a sad fact but pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of curing any disease. The drug companies only "manage symptoms" otherwise how would they make any money. We have some of the greatest scientific minds in the world but still have so many diseases that cant be cured it makes you wonder.
                              There are millions of cancer survivors that would strongly disagree with that statement.

                              You may want a cure or nothing, but I donít.

                              I was on a med to manage my blood pressure, but with work I changed my diet, activity level and found CoQ10, now instead being dead from hart attack or having had a stroke Iím health and have a BP of 120/70 with no meds.
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