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Sensitivity to Sound

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    Sensitivity to Sound

    This may be a crazy question but i am curious...Has anyone ever had a relapse that created an extreme sensitivity to sounds? Especially sounds that involve dishes and silverware or anything metal. And no this is not just an excuse to get out of doing the dishes I am also experiencing severe head pressure that feels like a sinus infection. My latest MRI did not show any signs of a sinus infection but at least there aren't any new lessions this time, for the first time!!! Has anyone else had these symptoms with a flare? Thank you for your input!
    RRMS since 2008
    Copaxone 2010
    Tysabri Oct. 2013

    Yes, not necessarily with a flare, though. More sort of all the time. Work with a lot of high-pitched, for want of a nicer word, screeching young women.
    They're chatting away, all day, every day. I curse the iPod, too, especially when people have only bought three songs, which they play over and over and OVER again.
    I wear earplugs.


      Yes. There was one day so bad I had to close myself in the room. When my husband and son were talking to each other, every word came through with a loud buzzing inside my head. Then when the kiddo would play with his nerf gun, every clack of the trigger made the inside of my ear twitch and rumble. I had a bad headache that day too, and sensations of static electricity that traveled down my arms. Maybe it was a migraine.

      I do not have MS. I have Whatchamacallit; and all of the symptoms are mirages.


        Yes. Any loud music or TV and even church. It is worse on my right side. Kitchen noise is also bad such as plates or silverware. My dogs howling literally hurts my ears.


          Yes, a while back. Some sudden noises would even make me jump like my reflexes were overactive.

          Crowds were exhausting. I think it was worse when I was tired or stressed.

          I remember going to my car during lunch to lie down and just get away.

          It slowly got better.

          Good Luck


            I've had this many times, worst during a flare.

            When I have it even the dogs walking across the wood floor sounds too loud...and puts me on edge. When I was in the hospital last time it was awful.

            Get earplugs...I usually use the foam kind, but when it gets bad I've been known to break out the Bose noise canceling headphones...bad part about hear absolutely nothing, but it does take care of the immediate problem.

            This symptom usually passes, for me, in a couple days.


              I have this problem on a more regular basis. Certain noises and sounds just about send me over the edge. My family is aware of this and will stop doing things or making noises as soon as I indicate that it is a particular sound that is making me nuts.

              I've noticed it is worse since my MS diagnosis in some situations. The last concert I went to was almost painful - I loved the music but couldn't wait to get out of there at the same time. Next time I will be sure to have earplugs.

              And, a recent get-together at a local bar was awful. It was the buzzing noise of every conversation that was going on at once that drove me nuts. I had to leave after about an hour.


                Yes. I have this all the time. When people speak normally it is too loud for me. It actually hurts. DX MS.


                  I have this problem too.

                  Sometimes the noises hurt, like when the TV is too loud or I'm at a bar. Sometimes the noises just make me so irritable it's not even right. The sound of a clock ticking is almost like nails on a chalkboard. I almost threw the clock in my office in the storage room just to get rid of the noise. UGH!!!

                  I have noticed though that this just started after my dxing flare. I can only hope it goes away. I'm pretty sure my bf is going crazy not being able to hear the TV. lol


                    I am bothered by sound, motion and light. My ENT says it's a form of migraine. Thankfully I'm alone nuch of the time. My family cannot understand why I don't want the TV playing or even a radio in the car.


                      I've had times where it's much worse, but dishes crashing together bother me pretty much all the time. My family's learned either to unload the dishwasher piece by piece or wait until I've left the room. The joys...


                        Isn't that odd. Me too. I hate loud noises. My wife needs to talk loud for some reason, even when the other person can obviously hear her.

                        But then again, I always have and my young son of 9 doesn't like them either.