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    Stuck emotions

    I have been under a lot of stress. I am not on any anti depressants at this time, but know I should have started up again because of my life stresses.

    I had a complete meltdown at work yesterday, crying to a district superintendent that I have known for years over issues with my new immediate supervisor. I loved my old boss and he was careful to not burden me because of my MS. But he retired so I have a new boss that is learning.

    My co-workers also miss the old boss and have started unloading their worries on me because I am like a mom to most of them. Well the crying started, and I just couldn't seem to stop.

    It even went on into the next morning as we met to solve my concerns. I wasn't angry, but just seemed to be like a hamster stuck in his wheel going round and round and not able to jump out.

    I even geared up a bit tonight as my DH told me he loved me and worries about me and wonders how he would support me if I chose to change my employment status.

    I don't need any advice on my issues. I just wanted to explain what I was dealing with so maybe you can help answer this question. Do you ever feel like u just get stuck in an emotion, and know you are stuck, but only time helps you get out? Any time someone would see my red eyes and ask if I was okay, the tears would come.

    I finally sent an email saying I was fine so don't ask because it makes me cry again! That was the only way I got it too stop.
    Adversity gives you two choices in life: either let it make you bitter, or let it make you better! I choose the latter.

    Just wanted to correct about my DH. He would totally support me if I changed jobs or even quit altogether. We would be fine financially. So that isn't a problem. Just stuck emotions!
    Adversity gives you two choices in life: either let it make you bitter, or let it make you better! I choose the latter.


      Long and self-contradictory

      Hello. I totally understand that 'can't stop crying if you start' thing.
      I try not to start, which is not good either.
      I interviewed a dear old man once for the paper, and I just could not stop crying afterwards. He was 82, and was looking after his wife (heart trouble). He was so lovely to her. He cleaned, he cooked, he shopped, did everything. She was a bit of an old sod.
      I cried for hours, as soon as I started the car and drove away, every time I thought about it, every time someone me asked how I was.
      BUT, it was probably because he reminded me so much of my grandfather, who died a few years ago. Never cried when he died, and I loved him so much.
      The man I was sobbing about and I are now good friends.
      Stress and depression build up. Crying helps, but I still try to do it on the quiet, so I don't have to explain. Lots of problems, not many solutions. I'd rather keep the cat stuffed in the bag.


        You might want to google pseudo bulbar affect. It's a symptom that presents as laughing or crying which is out of proportion to the situation, or is inappropriate, in that you cry when you might otherwise laugh, or vice versa.

        Also called emotional lability.


          I don't think it is the pseudo bulbar affect. Just the depression build up. Thanks for the info.
          Adversity gives you two choices in life: either let it make you bitter, or let it make you better! I choose the latter.



            I can soo relate. It was a while back, before I knew I had MS I was just dealing with the symptoms. I had a very stressful job at the time, working with mentally ill children in their home environment. I saw troubling things each day.

            One a.m. I woke up went out to my truck, after "talking" my daughter into school that day, running all morning and night before getting ready for day. Ya know the craziness.

            well, long story short I got out to truck and i began to sob uncontrollably, my husband pulled up and didn't even know what to do. I stayed that way on and off for about 3 days.

            Point is you have alot more on your plate than MS and this job clearly, you aren't making any time for you I bet, and your only human and can handle so much. The pressure of loosing that great old boss who "got" you, than dealing with a new one well that was that...... like i said been there!

            sure your stuck, yet i also think at times in life it's ok for us to let ourselves feel what we need to feel. as long as we devise a plan on how to avoid that happening again.

            I sat down after my long 3 day crying on and off thing (hid in bathroom at home weeping lol) and said never again will i ignore my needs. So i began balancing my life out, time for me as well as my husband and my special needs child who always presented challenges each day. It isn't perfect yet i do incorporate me time into each day and it's helped alot, that and exercise.

            soooo what can you do to stay more balanced? what do you love to do? each day you should really spend at least 30 min doing something you love. it could be reading a magazine.

            it worked for me. hang in there and your husband sounds like a good guy.
            Jen Dx'd 5/11
            "Live each day as if it were your last"