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Information on Cognitive Problems

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    Information on Cognitive Problems

    Here is an excellent article on cognitive problems and MS, from the University of California at San Francisco Multiple Sclerosis Center.

    First, a brief quote from the article:

    Cognitive difficulties can be particularly distressing for people because they are changes that nobody sees. Sometimes family,loved ones, or employers will believe that a persons forgetfulness or lack of attention are willful ignoring, rather than a symptom of the MS. Many times the person with MS may not recognize that their problems with memory, attention, word-finding, and problem solving are MS-related, and he or she may worry that he or she is going crazy. Understanding the type and the source of cognitive problems is the first step for patients and their loved ones to begin coping with these symptoms effectively.

    Then, a link to the whole article, which is well worth taking the time to read:

    Thanks sequoia!


      Good descriptions; good info.


        Thank you so much for posting this. Excellent information.


          Thank you!
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            Thank you

            Thank you so much for suggesting this article. It describes my cognition issues so well. Now I will be able to explain it to the nuero., when I go to UCSF later this month.



              Great posting............Sequoia

              I have yet to read the article, but its on my 2do.

              I have caught myself TWICE in 2 days transposing numbers from a digital readout.

              That is so NOT like me. (well the real me, anyway)



                This was very interesting. Thank you. I had to retrain myself to do math. I had forgotten some basic addition and multiplication. Once that came back, I had a heck of a time doing 3 digit multiplication problems. Some had to be redone 5 or 6 times until I got them right.

                Something garbled my math memory last summer. One of the first things I noticed missing was I couldn't add in my head anymore. After working on it a month ago, it's finally working again, but I still have to double and triple check things to make sure I didn't blip out and do something wrong.
                I do not have MS. I have Whatchamacallit; and all of the symptoms are mirages.


                  Thank you for the article link

                  In May, after 3 months of "short term disability" from my job, I had a neurocognitive assessment. The results were poor and indicated loss of function in many of the areas described in the article. Shortly before my cognitive assessment, I lost my job as an executive.

                  I have moved to "long term disability" and am now in the process of trying to figure out how to live independently. The process is difficult as I am unable to develop strategies to address the difficulties I have.

                  One of the most basic problems I have is answering the question "What can I do to help" that people have asked me. I know that I need help, but I simply do not know what to ask for.

                  Because I have income through disability insurance, I do not qualify for county social services. I have an appointment on Oct 21 and am planning to ask my neuro for a referral for an OT assessment, which I hope my medical insurance will cover.
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                    Thank you


                    Thank you for the excellent article.
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                      Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
                      I'm not going crazy!!!
                      Love, Laugh, this order
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