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How painful can MS hug get?

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    To me it has always felt (constant for the last couple years) as tho there's an Ace bandage wrapped WAY TOO TIGHT around my chest or a boa constrictor living around my chest and the more stressed or upset I would get the tighter it squeezes. 5 to an 8 pain wise.
    Lord, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth. Unknown


      Maybe mine isn't a hug then. It feels more internal than external, and what everyone else is describing is external pressure. Mine is right below the breastbone, up underneath the ribcage and radiates through to the back, ribs, down the abdomen and down the back. I can't tell if my abdomen and back are in spasm too, because the diaphragm area is so painful, it gets all the attention.
      I do not have MS. I have Whatchamacallit; and all of the symptoms are mirages.


        For me it got so bad I was admitted into the ER and give meds almost nonstop... It has been very bad to bad.

        It feels like someone has a vise grip twisting it until I feel like I'll just break. I've had that awful hug more time than I care to remember.

        I sure hope you're doing better.
        Dx MS Aug 2010 (after 2 years of searching)
        Started Copaxone Aug. 2010


          Thank you, Angel. I am doing better. It's been a few days now with nothing more than a little tension in that area. Wringing and twisting is a good description.

          I'm tempted to go to the ER next time so they can document the severity. But on the other hand, I don't want the extra bills and know it usually clears up shortly. They'd probably think I was a drug-seeker anyway.

          I do not have MS. I have Whatchamacallit; and all of the symptoms are mirages.


            Jumpinjiminy, your pain sounds like the pain I have had for the last 6 mos. Some mornings I can't even roll over in bed, I have to grab ahold of the side of the mattress and pull myself over and swing my feet to the floor and literally roll out of bed. I've never experienced such horrible pain in my life. It does ease up after I get up and around but never goes completely away and my ribcage is so sore to the touch, wearing a bra is torture I have been on Baclofen and it helped at first but then had to up it to 40 mgs. I see my neuro tomorrow and I'm sure I will up it again. I hope you get some relief.


              I call it the 'death grip'--sorry for being morbid but that's what it feels like. It was my presenting symptom and I've had it every night, many times during the night for the last 2 years. Doc said I could do 80m Baclofen a day so I save it as much as possible for night time so I can get back to sleep when it comes on but still need to take at least 20m during the day for spastic legs. I think it's medically called 'girdle pain' but it's different for everyone--not necissarily in the girdle area. Mine was strictly in my chest over my heart and felt like under my collarbone and on the right side of my chest at times. I was sure it was my heart for a long time until it moved down and across my whole front. For those of you that posted other med ideas, I'm really grateful.


                You know what's interesting about it? My ribs get sore the next day, but nothing else is. Which makes me wonder if it is a muscle spasm, or an internal organ pain - like intestines trying to telescope or something. One would think with that big of a spasm, there would be more soreness than in the rib area.

                I'm curious. My GP wrote an order for an upper GI to check for ulcers, but I haven't gone in for that test yet. Can ulcer pain get as bad as this squeezing death grip? And would it make your ribs sore the next day?

                It felt like I was about to get another one last night, but it eased up fairly quickly. Good thing. It was coming on like another big one.
                I do not have MS. I have Whatchamacallit; and all of the symptoms are mirages.


                  Have you guys ever had the hug that just goes across the back and than wraps around to one side? I have had it wrap all the way around before,but mine is more across back,around 1 side,and sometimes it feels like a harness is over my shoulders also. Or maybe just localized to the intercostal muscles?


                    I have had it on one side before. That's what made us think it was gall bladder. Of course, some of it was gall bladder. And yes, that included chronic muscle tension and nagging ache in that upper trapezius area. If you're an RN, you know where. Good to be rid of that and the organ that caused it.
                    I do not have MS. I have Whatchamacallit; and all of the symptoms are mirages.