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Dx of ms with flares a minimum,anyone else?

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    Dx of ms with flares a minimum,anyone else?

    I was dx in 2002 and had my worst flares that year that all went away and in 2009 lost some vision. I am still able to work full time but reading alot of the posts here it scares me. Are there more of you out there that MS has not severly changed your life,that you continue to work and raise your family and enjoy life pretty much the same with just a few interruptions? I would like to hear from you. They say the disease modifying meds has lessened the number of relapes and the severity, so tell your uplifting story that your med seems to be helping you. I have been on avonex for 9 years with my last mri 2 months ago staying stable. Now experiencing a mini relapse or pseudo relapse do to some activities I participated in last weekend. ??? But hopeful that I can continue to work fulltime till retirement, especially since I carry the health ins.


    welcome alot of great ppl here and great info and insight helps to talk to ppl who get it.

    id' say for me as long as i eat right gluten free, no dairy, do my exercises, try to cope with stress better thru yoga and meditation etc. and possibly some xanax soon lol it hasn't impaired my daily life too much yet. i've been newly diagnosed yet we believe i've had it for quite sometime.

    your story is helping me i've been on fence about the avonex and side effects etc. so it's great you haven't had terrible side effects on it.

    i think staying positive with any illness or disease is key. it sounds like you are! good for you
    Jen Dx'd 5/11
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      I'm 6 years post diagnosis with some mild progression but no major relapses since I was diagnosed. For that I am thankful as I'm also working full time and in school full time in hopes that the higher education will be my ticket to a kinder work environment for more money.

      I think the long term prognosis for us is still that we have a chronic, progressive disease so while there are many who aren't ever severely affected my bet is that long term most of us will be especially with mobility issues. I praying that I will be able to get along with nothing more than a cane until I retire but if not I guess I will make the necessary adjustments.

      I also carry the health insurance for our family because mine is so good right now but DH can take that over at some point if necessary. I would be very uncomfortable if I was the only option for health insurance based on our unpredictable future as a person with MS.
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        I was diagnosed over 15 years ago and I am extremely lucky that I have minimal issues. I am also on Avonex and side affects are not always fun, but are manageable.

        I am still able to fully enjoy my life, work, have physical hobbies I enjoy (yoga, bike riding, horseback riding, gardening.)

        However, I also can get very, very (very) tired and do have cognitive issues that get worse when the tired creeps in. This of course can last for what seems like forever, but I just keep pluggin' along anyway.

        My grandmother had MS and her doctor told her (way back in her day, maybe it was the 1930's) just don't stop. So I live by that and listen to my great Neuro, and so far, it's working.



          kudos to you jules A for working fulltime and going to school! No one but the good lord above knows their fate and we/I should just take one day at a time. thanks for yoyr input.


            Sunshine, the only side affects I get from the avonex are achiness and sometimes a headache. I guess a small price to pay considering the alternative.


              quietposter, thanks for your reply! 15 years with minimal problems, wow! i guess there is hope for any of us to continue for many years with not too much progression!


                I've been fairly lucky....

                I've had SX back to the late 90's that were the start of everything, but not officially DX'd until 2008.

                I work full time and have not had any substantial relapses. I am on medication and started within 10 days of DX though. I have managed to raise a behavior disorder,ADHD child with this too.( Still a teen, not quite done )

                I'm not saying it hasn't been a struggle at times--> fatigue my biggest issue, but for the most part , I work, exercise, and do whatever I can do to just remain productive for family. I finally gave in to taking a medication for fatigue and started Nuvigil.

                Hoping the luck doesn't run out.
                T-tk (dx RR 10/08 Copax.2008)
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