Choosing a Different Treatment Option for Relapsing MS

Grand Rapids, MI USA : February 1, 2018 : 5:30pm Eastern Time

Title: Choosing A Different Treatment Option for Relapsing MS

Date: 02/01/2018

Time: 5:30PM

Location: Noto’s Old World Italian, Grand Rapids, MI

Description: Ready to learn about another treatment option available for people with relapsing MS? Please join us for this live event that will provide you with information that can help you during your treatment journey. During this program, you’ll hear from an expert in relapsing MS, someone living with the condition, and a Biogen Nurse Educator. You’ll even get a chance to participate in an open-floor discussion.

Please note that this is a live event. To register, click the link below, or call 1-866-955-9999.

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