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General Questions and Answers For learning, sharing your experience, and exchanging information about Multiple Sclerosis. Please discuss medications in the Medications forum, and natural supplements in Tara's forum.

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Old 03-18-2012, 07:31 PM
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And now I'm sick. Boo-hoo. (whine)

So, we finally got home from Denver late Wednesday night. We are finally settling into somewhat of a routine, but still dealing with up and down blood sugars and dosing changes, etc.

After sleeping in a hospital for 2 nights and a hotel for 3, I tried to rest as much as possible Thursday and Friday, but we had a lot of errands to run (prescriptions, meeting wmoith the school, etc). The adrenaline on which I lived for about a week finally all subsided yesterday. I've pretty much been holding down my bed since yesterday late morning, but am still exhausted, weak, dizzy and in pain. To simplify, I am out of steam.

I started to get pretty congested and my throat starting hurting last night. I'm not sure if I have a cold or am getting a sinus infection, but I am not feeling stupendous. The congestion is making the dizziness worse and I just feel like a lazy bump on a log (though I know it's a necessary evil).

I love my mom dearly and she and my dad helped out tremendously over the days we were gone, but can anyone else relate to a relative/friend who can never just let you be sick and not feel good? I tell me my mom that on top of my MS fatigue, etc, that I'm getting sick. She tells me that I just feel bad because the weather is changing...her and my dad were having sinus issues yesterday and her body hurts, too. My mom has severe degenerative disc disease and lives with a lot of pain and I get that. But every time she tells me that her back is hurting, I don't chime in with how much my legs hurt or tired I am.

I don't think I'm looking for sympathy necessarily, but it gets frustrating to be "one-upped" every time I'm having a bad day. I hope I don't sound selfish, but I just needed to vent somewhere.
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD...(Jer 29:11)
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Old 03-18-2012, 08:21 PM
Bob698 Bob698 is offline
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Keep in mind you were also out of town for a while and were staying in a place where they put sick people.
I've learned to plan on catching something every bleeping time I have an app't at the VA hospital, its just the way the world works.
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Old 03-18-2012, 08:22 PM
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Nothing worse than the one-up game

Vent away. It sucks to be sick on top of being sick. And I hate it when people essentially dismiss your feelings by trying to one-up you. It's really disrespectful and rude!

Good on you for not playing the game, but just once or twice would it help to jump in and one-up your mothers issues to give her a dose of her own medicine that may provide a learning opportunity?

You are the one who knows your mother best and how she'd react. The other alternative is to save discussion of your symptoms with those that can empathize with you - like us here and any other user-friendly ears that you have/will discover over time.

All the best and hope you feel much better soon
Diagnosis February 2011 Avonex: February 2011 - September 2011, Copaxone: September 2011 - current
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Old 03-18-2012, 08:26 PM
rdmc rdmc is offline
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Originally Posted by BlessedWyoMom View Post
I don't think I'm looking for sympathy necessarily, but it gets frustrating to be "one-upped" every time I'm having a bad day. I hope I don't sound selfish, but I just needed to vent somewhere.
It's called "illness poker" and some folks just can't resist playing. My mom was the same way..."I'll see your pain and raise you an ache" is the way they deal with any mention of a health problem you're having.

The only way to really deal with it is not to mention any physical problem to people who play illness poker, or if you do, just be mentally prepared for their comeback.

Hope you feel better. Hanging around a hospital for days is a good way to get sick
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Old 03-18-2012, 11:11 PM
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My mom does this too! It doesn't matter if she sees me struggle to feed myself, shake, fall, be in rehab, hospitals-etc. she always is worse off. She's told me that when people use a cane, walker or wheel chair they are just giving up. I use all of them.

Sometimes it gets so bad that I just have to laugh. She takes her aspirin and all is well. If only it were that easy.

She recently came to "help" me out while I was having an exacerbation and was on steroids but while she was here, I had to take care of some stuff for her because she said she felt worse than me!

I haven't figured our why she does this. Maybe she wants attention or wants to minimize what I am going through to make it easier for her to deal with, or maybe she is just in competition with me. I just listen and smile, then tell her I hope she feels better. I try not to talk to her about my health. If we stay away from that subject, things are fine.

You don't sound selfish at all. You've definitly had a busy week though. I hope you get some good rest and feel better soon.
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Old 03-19-2012, 06:13 PM
gomer gomer is offline
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Welcome home BlessedWyoMom...

I know you have had a very demanding week with your son. How is he doing?

Diabetes is a 24/7 with no breaks or days off. You will get into a routine and there will be learning experiences along the way.

You can come here to vent ANYTIME!

Did you get a chance to check out There are forums just for parents with diabetic children and many other groups as well.

If you have any diabetes questions, feel free to email me and I will TRY and help if/where I can.

Gomer Sir Falls-a-lot
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