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General Questions and Answers For learning, sharing your experience, and exchanging information about Multiple Sclerosis. Please discuss medications in the Medications forum, and natural supplements in Tara's forum.

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Old 10-14-2011, 09:16 AM
hope32 hope32 is offline
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How long do you wait for MRI results?

I'm not sure how long is typical to wait for your MRI results; I think in the past I've usually had an appt with the MS specialist 1-2 weeks after an MRI so I'd find out my results then.

Here's the scoop this time.
9/21: Had appt with NP at MS center due to new symptoms popping up. She ordered an MRI of brain and C-spine to be done within the week and told me to call 3-4 days after the MRI to find out at least initial results (i.e. the radiologist's report) and then bring the CD to my followup appt on 10/25 to get more detailed results.
9/24: had MRI done at a local hospital (I'm 75 miles from my MS center)
9/29: Call MS center to make sure they got the results and find out what initial results. Nurse tells me they have the CD and everything and will call me after the NP and MS specialist have a chance to look over them, "within 1-2 weeks."
10/12: Call to report new symptoms that have popped up since my appt and see if MRI results are ready. Nurse tells me the radiologist's report of the C-spine says "unremarkable, no lesions"--yay! But she says they never got my brain MRI and did not receive the CD. Says she'll call the hospital that did my MRI to see where brain MRI is.
I'm getting really tired of waiting, especially since the NP seemed pretty concerned and thinks I might need to switch to a more aggressive drug depending on these results. (They also drew blood to see if I've develops neutralizing antibodies against Betaseron and tested for the JC virus and said those results would take 4-6 weeks.)

I have the CD and I actually tried popping it in to look at it but my computer crashes every time I try to open it. Same on DH's laptop. When I called on 9/29 I asked the nurse if there was a way to tell if the CD was OK before getting all the way up there for my appt and she said, "Well, the hospital sent us a CD too so don't worry about it." Yet now apparently they don't have the CD.

Is this similar to what you guys experience after an MRI? What would you do for followup at this point? I feel like I'm getting no clear answers from the MS center, and I get a different answer every time I call about what results they have received. :P
2001: 1st 2 relapses, "probable MS." 2007: 3rd relapse. Dx of RRMS confirmed by MS specialist. Started Cpx. (Off Cpx Feb 08-Mar 09 to start a family; twins! ) Dec '09: Started Beta! Oct '13: Started Tecfidera!
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Old 10-14-2011, 09:38 AM
lemstar lemstar is offline
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First of all, I would call the MRI center, and ask them to re-send the results ASAP, as my treatment depends on it.

Secondly, I have my MRI results forwarded to my regular PCP as well, and call his office generally within 48 hours of my MRIs. My MS specialist wants to see the actual films of each MRI, and I wait til that appointment for the final uptake on results, as MS specialists might see seomthing a radiologist might miss.
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Old 10-14-2011, 10:06 AM
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I have my results the next day, however my Dr works at the hospital where the MRI is done. Call and ask to speak to your Dr, no reason to wait weeks for an answer.
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Old 10-14-2011, 10:47 AM
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First of all, UGH..for your struggles ..geez.

I always get a copy of my MRI on CD now, then go back in few days afterward to get copy of radiologists report. That way I am prepared for MS appt.

BUT if it is not working on your computer GO BACK and have them make another copy.. also reiterate what you have been through AND get copy of Radiologist report too from Medical records.

ALWAYS ALWAYS get your own copy/reports and carry them with you for doc appts.

Good luck hon, Hugs, Jan
Let us know how it turns out.
I believe in miracles~!
2004 Benign MS 2008 NOT MS
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Old 10-14-2011, 12:35 PM
hope32 hope32 is offline
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Posts: 458
OK, thanks, everyone. I just called the hospital that did the MRIs and asked them to refax the reports to the MS center and asked them to make another copy of the CD and I'll pick up that (and the radiologists' reports) before my appt. Ugh I just want answers!
2001: 1st 2 relapses, "probable MS." 2007: 3rd relapse. Dx of RRMS confirmed by MS specialist. Started Cpx. (Off Cpx Feb 08-Mar 09 to start a family; twins! ) Dec '09: Started Beta! Oct '13: Started Tecfidera!
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Old 10-14-2011, 05:33 PM
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How long do I have to wait? My Neuro has the MRI the moment it is done since the entire system is on the Computer. Not sure how I would react to less.
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Old 10-14-2011, 09:31 PM
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Alicious Alicious is offline
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My diagnostic MRIs were sent to the neuro immediately; i received calls the same day about them from his office.

My 6 month "is Copaxone working?" MRI took about 2-3 days to hear back from the neuro. The results themselves are emailed pretty much immediately, and I always leave the center with my films. (Why not a CD? No clue.)

I agree with having a new CD sent and getting on the neuro's office's case about getting some answers back about what the report says. This is waaaaay to long.

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Old 10-14-2011, 09:52 PM
candycane candycane is online now
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I get written, he views films

I usually go back to the hospital approx. two days later & get the written report that the radiologist writes. My doc gets the films via computer at his office & gives me his interpretation at my appointment (a couple weeks later) I hope you get your answers! That sounds frustrating.
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Old 10-14-2011, 10:17 PM
onlyairfare onlyairfare is offline
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I used to be very anxious about my MRI results, so I would schedule the study to be done when the neuroradiologist was in the building. When the study was finished I would go back to the reading room and look at the films with the radiologist, and he would go over the pictures with me and give me a preliminary report. 3 or 4 days later I would get a copy of the final report from my family doctor, who is the one who ordered the MRI at my local facility since my neurologist & neurosurgeon (I also had a brain tumor as well as MS) were 1,500 miles away at Mayo Clinic.

Now I have had the tumor removed, my MS is stable and I am not on DMDs, so I am in no hurry to get the results. I wait until my next appointment with the neuro, sometimes a couple days later, sometimes a month later. But I remember those days when it was such torture to wait for results, which is why I went to the trouble of insisting on talking with the radiologist right after the study was done.
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