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Old 09-08-2011, 07:03 PM
Temagami Temagami is online now
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Depth perception issues?

Yesterday was the first day of school and I misjudged where the blackboard was which startled me. Today I misjudged where one of the steps was on the staircase. This is new.

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Old 09-09-2011, 12:21 AM
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During an exacerbation that is very common. I run into door frames and other things on a regular basis during an exacerbation but gets better during remission.
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Old 09-09-2011, 06:25 AM
kelm10 kelm10 is offline
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phone call

A phone call to your doctor might help answer that question. Could it be something else in the making like an infection in the air. You said chalkboard, so is there viruses lurking among your students that they have shared with you that could be cuasing this to happen.

My neuro always wants to b informed and he can decide.

I hope things improve soon.

When I have issues with balance going on, I always feel for the step with my instep with my toe pointed down when going down. I don't have problems when going up when I have this.
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Old 09-09-2011, 07:27 AM
0485c10 0485c10 is offline
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Yep, i ran into problems with it when parking in a parking garage at the apartment i live in. I got a new parking spot next to the emergency exit-no cars in the emnegency exit lane to hit==more space . i got the "prime" parking spot because i claimed a need from ms vision issues affecting my depth perception.

its normal for everyone to have a weaker & stronger eye...but with ms the difference between the weak & strong eye is much greater than for normal people and it causes depth perception problems...

i did buy a eye patch i pick up over the counter at walgreens & i wore that over my strong eye for about an hour every day....i did that after i meeet a woman with a young son who was being treated for "lazy eye". he had to wear a patch over his dominant eye all day for a few months to force him to use his non dominat eye. the doc told her that if he wasn't forced to use his non dominat eye he would lose vision in it for ever.

i was at her house when she was telling him to put his eye patch on and he cried about having to do it--he was about 6 year old..

made ,me think. i had optic neuritis and perhaps a part of this depth perception issue was me not using my weaker eye after the ON?

i think it did help to force me to use my weaker eye...but its different than with lazy eye...with lazy eye, if the patch is not worn for a great period of time over the dominate eye the non dominate eye could lose the ability to see....but with ms if the patch is worn for too long over the stronger eye the week eye could become too tired top see--so i found...but for just an hour a day it seemed to force my ms brain to acknowledge that it was there and it too had vision.

i think wearing a patch over my stronger eye for about an hour a day for a week helped me to recover from ON. imo.

notice i'm placing great emphasis on a very limited duration and that limited duration was the one that helped me, not sure if its a duration that will help you?
it still helps, occasionally, when i start not looking out of my weaker eye.

there is also getting your glasses prescription changed for your now weaker and stronger eye that is cause the depth perception issues..
Old 09-09-2011, 10:12 AM
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Yes, I have depth perception issues. I thought it was my imagination - or excuse for walls jumping in front of me or curbs moving when I'm trying to turn - but I've had it confirmed by a doc.

Recently I saw a neuro-opthamologist & underwent extensive testing. I told one of the docs about my issues & she confirmed that my depth perception is not what it should be. She didn't say but I believe it is part of the optic nerve damage I have from ON.
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