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Old 06-26-2011, 12:37 AM
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feet feel like they are breaking....

For the last wk (maybe a little longer) When I wake up and step out of bed my feet feel like they are breaking (as in the bones are breaking).

As I walk it feels even worse and I have to hold on to the walls as I walk down the hall.

It comes and goes which is good but it's daily now and even though it may be gone for a few hours it's sure to come back soon.

I've also been having a lot of back pain/aches, which when laying down I feel like it's breaking.

Feeling more vibrations in my elbow more than anywhere at the moment when just sitting on the sofa.

Still feeling sick to my stomach daily which has been around for months now and I take daily meds for that many times a day to help keep it at least where I can go about my day without throwing up everyting.

Feeling the MS hug still almost daily just not as bad a mild hug which I should be thankful for.

Today started out like any other and by late morning I felt good/betterand took my Grandson out to Cades Cove (a loop where you drive and can see wildlife) it was nice being in the car with air and seeing a Mommy bear and her two cubs; many deer; wild turkey and even 3 bats. LOL!
We got out for lunch in a very nice cool shaded area and I noticed I felt weak but not too bad. We got in the creek afterwards and it felt so nice (feels like fall up in the mnts).

By the time we got home I couldn't hardly get out of the car, it took everything I had to get out. My bf took my grandson in (cause he was asleep from his full day).

As soon as he was in bed I went to take a shower cause thats where I cry because I know my bf gets so tired of hearing me cry and whine about MS.....

I cried because for those few hours I felt like the "old me" like I didn't have MS at all.

MS had to show me it was still there and it hadn't gone anywhere; it was as of it teased me and came back like a wrecking ball knocking me down hard.

I never have a full good day and my good days always have some pain but today felt so different giving me such hope and happiness.... I just felt cheated when on the way home I felt it just creeping up on me and hitting me hard when I pulled into the drive way.

I am very Thankful for the day I did have and very very Thankful I got my grandson home safe; he's almost 3.

Thanks for allowing me to vent and for reading what turned into a novel. LOL!

Praying nightly for a cure..... GOD Bless
Dx MS Aug 2010 (after 2 years of searching)
Started Copaxone Aug. 2010
Old 06-26-2011, 04:33 AM
happy23 happy23 is offline
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My heart hears you and I understand how getting fooled and yo-yo'd by MS can bring anyone to tears. What a blessing to have a grandson, and kudos to you for being an awesome Gram.

It's hard to keep emotions level when such a vital piece of your life is being toyed with, your health and well being. My family comes from the Appalachian mountains where life was simple. Nature was the best form of entertainment, and I am still in such awe over nature. It can be therapeutic and similar to meditation. I hope you get to go again soon.

I am still fairly new to MS and learning more everyday, but do you think you are in a relapse?

Hope you feel better and I will say a prayer for you.
Old 06-26-2011, 06:58 PM
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angelpach angelpach is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Knox. TN
Posts: 341
Thanks Happy23.

I'm still having the awful pain and maybe it's a step back/Relaspe but I'm not sure. I don't have insurance right now and it's hard to see the Neuro cause he charges so much.

The feet pain is the worst. When I get up in the morning it's at an all time worse; it truly feels like they are breaking with each step and just standing is the same. I do have times here and there when I don't feel as much pain but it always comes back.

My joints are even hurting but mostly the right knee, neck and back... along with the feet (both).

Praying you don't have to go through such pain.

You're right and anytime I can I will be taking my "lilman" back to Cades Cove and the creeks. He is the Best medicine I could ever ask for. When I have him it helps to fight back tears and makes me move forward even if we don't do much but play cars in bed or on the floor, read books all day or sit around in the pool.
Dx MS Aug 2010 (after 2 years of searching)
Started Copaxone Aug. 2010

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