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Old 11-03-2010, 05:23 PM
lefttydread lefttydread is offline
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Unhappy Sick of taking meds?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if I am alone out there and if so...perhaps I can get some advice to help me. I've been on copaxone for about 10 years now and over the past year I've been really struggling with taking it. I have a mental block or something... I will be really good for a week or two and then "fall of the wagon" for another two weeks or more. My family doesn't understand what I'm going through...taking this medicine every single day for ten years is wearing on me.

And sure...there are diabetics who must take meds every day to live...injections. I understand that and I feel bad that I'm struggling. Am I alone out there? Oh, by the way- my lesions have not worsened in the past year- just had a full MRI work up a couple of months ago. Did I just get lucky??

Please help!!!!
Old 11-04-2010, 02:23 PM
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Boy can I relate!

I've been self-injecting Avonex for 14 years. Although my MRIs have been stable, I have slowly progressed. But, I consider myself extremely lucky to have started treatment three years after my dx.

At the time of my dx (1993) there weren't any treatments available. When I got a follow-up MRI in 1996 during a flare, my neuro freaked out and started me on tx. He said "I was lucky" THREE times. My MS was more aggressive than outwardly apparent.

Although it is at times hard to "stick with it" (pun intended), I keep doing my weekly pokes. I am thankful it's only once a week. But, I'm still a huge needle weenie.

Occassionally (maybe once a year), I will "skip" a shot as a treat to myself. But, I know how it's better to be on something than to not, especially since I've made it through the worst side effects during the first year.

It's a necessary evil! Stick with it!

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