I have noticed that there are several parents with MS on this board, whose children are going through the process of being potentially diagnosed with MS. My 17 year old is also going through this.

I have seen the symptoms and not pointed it out to her - the doctor noticed some things on her last visit (check up). She has had the MRI. She has an appointment with my neurologist.

I have a feeling that my doctor will do what she can to have each of my children go through an MRI so that any chance of MS will be caught early. Does a parent's diagnosis of MS lead the doctors to jump to the MS possibility for our children?

My 20 year old had an MRI in August and saw the neurologist (and a slew of other doctors). We found out she had narcolepsy. They initially thought she was having seizures.

I had symptoms most of my adult life. Sometimes I saw a doctor sometimes I didn't. It wasn't until I went to the doctor with a list of all my symptoms at one time that she suggested MS. Would it have been better to know early on - there really wasn't any treatment back then.

Maybe a young person that has been diagnosed can answer my next question. Is it better to know early (rather than wonder)? or Do you think it is easier for those that didn't find out until later in life (like me)?

I feel I had the benefit of not having to think about MS all those years - instead I just thought it was something very fixable like diet, exercise, a vitamin....