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whiskers 07-03-2013 09:38 PM

? for people who have re-started Tec
I am just interested in how people are doing after having to go off and restart Tecfidera due to GI issues. If you did a slower titration, how is it going? Who is now at the normal dosage that had to restart the medication.

I am on my new titration still taking 120mg 2xday. I will be moving up to a (am) 120mg and (pm) 240 mg soon. I am certain this will work with all the dietary things I have done and with the slow introduction to my system.

If you restarted Tecfidera, please share how you are doing.

noemkat 07-05-2013 06:27 AM

Stopped again
I was off Tec for a few weeks due to GI issues, went back on very slowly but after about a week (still was on 120 dose) I developed hives and still had GI issues even on the lower dose so I have determined this med is not for me. I rarely have a med that I can tolerate but this is one. I have a neuro appt a week from today and I'll see what he says.

Good luck to everyone taking or restarting or moving on to a new med.


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